We developed ACCESS to promote the work experiences, career development, and healing of women survivors of domestic violence. 

We have worked with women and agencies for 20+ years. Our goal is to support survivors with reaching their potential and contributing fully to their families, communities, and our world.  

ACCESS overview

ACCESS addresses survivors' experiences of violence and  their work and career development needs with a structured, adaptable, and inclusive curriculum.  

ACCESS is brief and designed to be offered in a group format. The program curriculum includes intervention components that researchers have identified as leading to the most positive career and empowerment outcomes for survivors.

ACCESS provides survivors with information about work, individualized feedback on skills and interests, critical analysis of power dynamics in their lives, and opportunities to develop their goals.

access details

Program facilitators

ACCESS is designed to be facilitated by one or two group facilitators who understand the dynamics and effects of domestic violence and are able to facilitate a group. 

Training and consultation

ACCESS research team members are available to train facilitators and consult with agencies about offering ACCESS in their setting. Training and consultation fees are negotiated based on agency needs. Informational calls are welcome.

Program goals

To increase survivors' (a) knowledge of their career skills, interests, and options 

(b) access to support (c) confidence and hopefulness (d) understanding of the impact of violence on their lives  and (e) identification of their career goals.  

Program length

ACCESS comprises 5 sessions. Each session includes 2 hours of curriculum content. Typically, one ACCESS session is offered per week for 5 consecutive weeks.

Research opportunities

We strive to continuously improve ACCESS. If you want to help us collect information about how ACCESS is working in your agency, please call us. 

Materials needed

To implement ACCESS in your agency you will need the Basic ACCESS curriculum package, computers with Wi-Fi connection, and a printer. No other unique materials are required.



I feel hope

After participating in ACCESS  I feel relief making some decisions about my school and work, and I feel hope.  - Jaslyn

I learned a lot

I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing. Thank you so much! - Felisima

I continue to grow

Participating in ACCESS gave me insight in dealing with things that I had ignored. I continue to grow and learn.  - Cheryl

I have options

This course fills a valuable need in our communities. ACCESS helped me become aware of my options. It takes away some of the feelings of being trapped and powerless over my life. - Lupe

I continue to build friendships

I just accepted a position as a case manager and instructor. My success was in part due to my experience with ACCESS and their team. Thank you! I have continued to build friendships with women in the group.  - Amy

I feel confident


I feel I have gained more self confidence as I learned more about the options and services that are available to me. Just knowing that there are services and resources available to me when I am ready takes away the anxiety about the future.  - Tayja

access products

Basic Package

Title of curriculum ACCESS displayed with abstract image of painting underneath

Everything you need to get started today! 1 Curriculum Facilitator Manual

8 Participant Workbooks

intoCAREERS license

Curriculum Manual


Additional ACCESS Curriculum Manuals  

Participant Workbooks


Additional ACCESS Participant Workbooks available in sets of 8