ACCESS: Advancing Career Counseling and Employment Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Program Facilitator's Curriculum Manual

The ACCESS Program Facilitator's Curriculum Manual provides an overview of the impact of domestic violence on women’s economic and career development, the theoretical and research foundation for the curriculum, and ACCESS group facilitation techniques.

The manual also contains detailed instructions on the facilitation of group sessions, including:

  • Program Facilitator's ManualDescriptions of group facilitation techniques that foster empowerment and critical consciousness.
  • Structured group schedules that are clearly outlined and easy to read.
  • Detailed activities for all five program sessions.
  • Journal exercises for group members.
  • Copies of domestic violence power, control, and equality wheels created by the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs.
  • Facilitator notes and scripts.
  • Intervention handouts.
  • Questionnaires for evaluating each group session and identifying group members’ career confidence as well as career barriers and supports.
  • Graduation certificates.

PDF versions of the handouts and worksheets printed in the manual are available on the included CD, so you can easily print copies for distribution, project the images during group sessions, or use the images for professional presentations.

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