ACCESS: Advancing Career Counseling and Employment Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Career Information System

The Career Information System (CIS) is an Internet-based career and education exploration program. An essential component of the ACCESS program, CIS enables users to learn about a full range of educational and career options when planning for their futures.

woman at laptopUsing ACCESS and CIS, survivors can

  • Complete meaningful and easy-to-use vocational skills assessment and job match activities.
  • Search for up-to-date information about various career and educational opportunities.
  • Search for financial aid.
  • Use templates to create job portfolio documents (e.g., resumes, cover letters, school applications).
  • Print or save portfolio documents online, along with job search results.
  • Access their portfolios and vocational information at any time and from any United States location that offers CIS.

More than 10,000 schools and state agencies throughout the United States currently use CIS. It is available on the Internet. To learn more about CIS, please visit


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